The 3rd Florida/35th Mass. Co. A represents Company A of both of these regiments.

We are a civil war reenacting company that portrays the life of both the Confederate and Union soldiers of the Civil war.  Co. A of the 3rd Florida was raised locally in the East Coast of Florida from the area of Jacksonville to present day Melbourne as the St. Augustine Blues at the start of the war in 1861.  Our primary impression is as this unit in an effort to honor our Confederate ancestors and to preserve their memory for posterity and to teach the true reasons for the South to have left the United States and sought to create its own nation.

Co. A of the 35th Mass. served as part of the Army of the Potomac in the theatre of Virginia and Maryland.  We seek to portray the Union soldiers of this regiment in an effort to tell and preserve the private's story and point of view on the Union side of the American Civil War. 

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