On this page you will be able to find the newsletters that we have done for the unit.  Feel free to click on any of the files below to find out more on the newsletters. 

Below you can find the latest newsletter from September of 2011.

Newsletter - September 2011.pdf Newsletter - September 2011.pdf
Size : 524.221 Kb
Type : pdf

Here's our newsletter from April of 2011. 

Newslette April  2011FLORIDA.doc Newslette April 2011FLORIDA.doc
Size : 234.5 Kb
Type : doc
April 2011 Newsletter.pdf April 2011 Newsletter.pdf
Size : 385.777 Kb
Type : pdf

Here's the January 2011 newsletter. 

Newslette January  2011FLORIDA.doc Newslette January 2011FLORIDA.doc
Size : 1497.5 Kb
Type : doc
Newslette January  2011FLORIDA.pdf Newslette January 2011FLORIDA.pdf
Size : 686.015 Kb
Type : pdf

Here's the August of 2010 Newsletter. 

Newslette August 2010FLORIDA.doc Newslette August 2010FLORIDA.doc
Size : 0.118 Kb
Type : doc
Newslette August 2010FLORIDA.pdf Newslette August 2010FLORIDA.pdf
Size : 0.296 Kb
Type : pdf

Here's the newsletter for April of 2010 

Newslette April 2010FLORIDA.doc Newslette April 2010FLORIDA.doc
Size : 0.101 Kb
Type : doc
Newslette April 2010FLORIDA.pdf Newslette April 2010FLORIDA.pdf
Size : 0.179 Kb
Type : pdf

Here's the newsletter for March of 2010 

Newslette March 2010FLORIDA (1).doc Newslette March 2010FLORIDA (1).doc
Size : 0.097 Kb
Type : doc
Newslette March 2010FLORIDA (1) (1).pdf Newslette March 2010FLORIDA (1) (1).pdf
Size : 0.169 Kb
Type : pdf
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