Picture Gallery

Here is one of our members doing a modern day living history model for a Confederate Soldier

Here is our unit involved in a recent reenactment at Bentonville, NC as a Confederate unit in line of battle

Here's a couple of our guys at rest after having a hard time fighting the yanks. 

Below are some of the pictures of our guys at Olustee in a Confederate square fighting Yankee cavalry and several others from Olustee.

Below you can see one of our members with his daughter at an event in Spring Hill, TN.  

Here's the 3rd Florida showing our true mettle charging Yankees at Gettysburg.  We're to the left of the flag. 

Here's some close ups of the 3rd Florida at Gettysburg back in 2008. 

Here's the 3rd Florida on the move. Marching into battle once again.

 Below are two pictures from our recent living history event working for the National Park Service reenacting the 1861 takeover of Ft. Marion (Castillo San Marcos) by the Florida Militia.

Below is our recent 2011 portrait at Olustee. 

Here are some pictures from us beating the Yankees at the 150th Reenactment of 1st Manassas. 

Here is one of  our members doing a modern day living history model for a Union Soldier 

Here are some of our members portraying the 35th Mass. Infantry Band at rest.

 Below are a couple of our guys doing sentry duty as Yankee sentries.

Here are our guys at the last Ft. Clinch Garrison in May of 2010. 

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